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Stanley Offices

Stanley Offices

Our office space at Stanley street is highly secured. Access is through magnetic keys. We offer single and multiple station offices that can accommodate up to 15 stations.

Ste-Catherine Space

Ste-Catherine Space

Our commercial and office space in the heart of Ste-Catherine East is a very unique setting. It offers a 1960s environment which is both jazzy and efficient.


ID Offices is a property management company, established in Montreal, Quebec in 2003. 

Our company is engaged in the rental of: Commercial spaces, Offices, Apartment in Montreal, QC.

    Commercial spaces - Stanley street , St. Denis street
⦁    Office spaces - Stanley street 
⦁    Residenti
al spaces - St. Denis street

The Offices offered by our company are completely renovated and equipped with security systems.

The building is equipped with magnetic locks and a video surveillance system. We have offices with deferent size; meeting room, which is equipped with a smart board and video conferencing.  

The Apartments offered by our company are equipped with central air conditioning,  refrigerator,

stove, and dishwasher. Most of the spacious apartments are either lofts or one bedroom.

For more detailed information please call:  +1 (514) 507 9220

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